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Below is a list of the most recent yacht jobs that we are placing at the moment. The list can be sorted by any one of the six columns to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Things can change pretty quickly so if you don’t see what you are looking for, get in touch by calling us on +44 (0)1425 522020 or by filling in the registration form and we’ll get back to you.

Job Title Position Type Salary Vessel Type Location Listed
Bosun 50-60m M/Y Deck €3,000-4,000 p.m. 50-60m M/Y Worldwide 06/2015
3rd Chef Galley €4,000 DOE 80-90m M/Y Mediterranean 06/2015
2nd Engineer 2nd Engineer $7,000 60-70m M/Y WORLD 06/2015
Deck/Stewardess or Steward interior €3,000 p.m. 30-40m M/Y Med 06/2015
Stewardess 30-40m M/Y Interior €3,000 p.m. 30-40m M/Y Med 06/2015
Chef for an 30-40m M/Y Galley €3,500-4,500 p.m. 30-40m M/Y Med 06/2015
Relief Deck Officer for an 80-90m M/Y DECK €200 per day 80-90m M/Y Mediterranean 06/2015
Experienced Deckhand 70-80m M/Y Deck €2750 p.m. 70-80m M/Y Worldwide 06/2015
Head Chef Galley TBC 60-70m M/Y Mediterranean 06/2015
Chief Engineer Engineering TBC 60-70m M/Y Mediterranean 05/2015
Stewardess Interior €3,000 40m M/Y France 05/2015
2nd Stewardess Interior €3,500 p.m 40-50m M/Y Asia 05/2015
Crew Chef Galley €3,500 p.m 70-80m M/Y Mediterranean 05/2015
Stewardess Interior €2,500 p.m 60m M/Y USA 05/2015
Chief Officer 60m M/Y Deck €6,200 p.m. 60-70m M/Y Med/Caribbean 05/2015
Stewardess Interior £1850 70-80m M/Y Europe 05/2015
Stewardess Nurse Interior €2,500 p.m. 55-65m M/Y Mediterranean 05/2015
Chief Stewardess 60m M/Y Charter Interior €6,000 p.m. 60-70m M/Y Dual season 05/2015
Teacher Teacher $50,000 p.a. 55-65m S/Y Worldwide 05/2015
Chief Stewardess Interior €4,000 p.m 40m M/Y Mediterranean 05/2015
Chief Stewardess Interior €7,000 - €8,000 p.m DOE 70-80m M/Y Shipyard in N Europe. 05/2015
Chief Stewardess Interior TBC 40m S/Y Med then Worldwide 05/2015
Captain Captain TBC 40m S/Y Worldwide Sailing 05/2015
Housekeeper Interior TBC 70-80m M/Y Med 05/2015
Deckhand Sail Deck €2,500 p.m. 35-45m S/Y Mediterranean 05/2015
Deckhand Deck €2,500 p.m. 80-90m M/Y Worldwide 05/2015
Engineer Y4 / EOOW Engineering €3000 - €3500 DOE 30m M/Y Turkey 04/2015
Chef Galley TBC 40m S/Y Mediterranean 04/2015
2nd Stewardess Interior €4500 DOE 60-70m M/Y Mediterranean 04/2015
2nd Engineer Y3 Engineering TBC DOE 70-80m M/Y Northern Europe 04/2015
Stewardess Interior €2,500 p.m. 55-65m M/Y Mediterranean 05/2015
2nd Engineer New Build Engineering TBC 50-60m M/Y Middle East 02/2015
Chief Engineer New Build Engineering TBC 50 - 60m M/Y Middle East 02/2015
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  • J. Crawford, Chief Stewardess, M/Y Serenity J

    “Excellent service, great candidates and easy to deal with”

  • N. Heselton, Captain – M/Y Taiba

    “SYC always has the right calibre of candidates, no matter how specific our requirement”

  • C. Tough, Client Services Manager – Sarnia Yachts

    “Extremely professional and diligent, SYC has from day one provided an excellent service to us and our clients...”

  • S. Warren, Captain – M/Y Air

    “I have had the pleasure of working with SYC on many occasions. With every occasion I have found their services to be professional resulting in the successful placing of crew. SYC clearly understood our requirements and was able to provide the correct candidate with the relevant qualifications quickly and efficiently.”